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of Peace





The Ten Commandments of Peace are ten of Natyan’s meditation sessions on the Old Testament’s Tables of Law. Natyan certainly does not have the presumption to modify or improve what the great Prophets of the past did say or do. His meditations are simply the fruits of thorough reflections, put in a modern way.

This short booklet aims simply at helping to awake the Consciences of those who have undertaken the Spiritual Path.

It is tiny …yes…but it is rich in wisdom!

It should not be read hastily and each concept should be meditated in length, for all the Commandments contain hidden truths that you risk to pass unnoticed if you don’t consider them in depth and carefully with introspective reading. We shouldn’t be misled by the easy and simple reading…This was necessary  so that even the simplest Souls, the ones that have just started the Inner Research, could understand it…however, the contents of this booklet are much  deeper than one can believe.

It is enough  to say that Natyan began his Meditations on the ten commandments in 1992, and  only now (ten years later, to be precise), has he come up with a piece of work which could be short, but full of powerful and very significant conclusions.

This little booklet should never be sold and Love should be the only motive for its distribution; it can be passed on through photocopies exactly in the form it is, without making any changes and always distributed for free.

It was not conceived with a view to make a profit…it was not conceived to be left in a drawer or in a wardrobe…it was conceived to help people to ask themselves the right questions concerning the purpose of the human existence and to arouse their desire to act with Unconditional Love motives.

29.10.2002    Bettina

I received the Ten Commandments of Peace through long meditative inspirations. I received them for me…not for the chosen group of people. I received them so that I could put them into practice…not to tell you or anybody else to do the same or to follow them.

Now…why am I spreading them, then? Only to share with you a Wisdom that has been given to me, who too, maybe are looking for the same things I am looking for….with the hope that you will do good use of it. I am nobody…I am not important…I am simply a spiritual wayfarer that picks up everything I find along the Path…Which is my only true good quality? And my greater fault? I can’t keep what I gather only for myself!




Which are the causes of man’s sufferings?

They seem to be a lot…but actually there is only one cause!

The only real cause of all human beings’ sufferings is THE IGNORANCE OF THEIR REAL NATURE…WHICH IS ETERNAL, INFINITE, UNLIMITED.

Man believes to be a finite, weak and limited being, destined to disappear forever after his death.

He is not aware that he is ETERNAL and UNLIMITED…..Thus, consciously or not, he develops in him the fear of death, of his total annihilation.

Therefore, pay particular attention…man passes…from IGNORANCE…to FEAR!

Being fearful, human beings get attached to everything and become unable to let go of it, because they believe they will loose it one day.

Therefore, they long for more things, they get attached to even more things…and they become possessive, jealous, envious, greedy, violent, rancorous…and even willing to kill, in order to get and to keep what, after all, they know for sure deep inside them that they will lose sooner or later. They believe to be limited in time and that they have to satisfy all their needs… now or never! Thus they get attached to everything…even if this leads to great sufferings…or even to bloodshed!

Pay particular attention to what happens…man goes…from IGNORANCE…to FEAR…and because of FEAR…he  then falls…into ATTACHMENT!

However, for as long as human beings long for and get attached to things, people or ideas because they see themselves as finite and limited in time…they will KEEP ON SUFFERING FROM INSECURITY AND FEAR….because the only thing they will see as certain…is death!

Ignorance, attachment and fear bring man to making an unlimited number of mistakes,  stress accumulation and violence…. all these lead to illnesses and  cause useless wars!

Don’t think that wars are far away from you and that they are in a country where you don’t live!

The War is in you, and it has started long ago!

If you don’t get rid of the Real Cause of your pains and sufferings, even if there is  Peace  around you….There will always be conflict and great suffering inside  you, in your heart.

Fighting against IGNORANCE, FEAR AND ATTACHMENT, this is the real purpose of man on earth!

The real enemy is not the man that you see holding a gun …because this is only the result of a hidden, subtle and shrewd cause, much more dangerous than any other enemy.

If you want, you can also kill that outer enemy, the one having the gun, but you will soon realise that you still are not in Peace.

If, instead of fighting all the outer enemies…each one of us and all included, killed the enemies inside us…in just one moment…Peace on Earth would be reached!


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